We are concerned Australians, worried about older people in aged care and we want to do something about the government’s decision to stop funding physio and allied health in aged care.

Why are we concerned? 

-    We know someone (maybe our mum and dad) who lives in aged care. 
-    We know someone who works in aged care. 
-    We know we may move into aged care one day, ourselves. 
-    We live in aged care. 
-    We are part of a community that cares about older people. 

What brings us together is that we want to share the same message. We NEED physio and other allied health in aged care, to help older clients in pain, and to prevent falls and unnecessary trips to hospital.

We are creating the space to share the stories and experiences we hear from the people we speak to in aged care – and about their experiences in aged care and of getting older. Whether from family members and people living in aged care, or professionals who work in our health system including carers, nurses, doctors, physios, OTs, exercise physiologists, dietitians, speech pathologists, podiatrists and others. 

This is a grassroots, non-political campaign. We are not led by industry groups or professional lobbyers. We are not doing this for commercial gain.

We are doing this because we believe physio and allied health is vital for older people and a human right..

What are you calling for?

The key message:

Separate and mandated funding for physio and allied health in nursing homes after October 2022.

The detail:

We are calling for separate dedicated funding for physio and other allied health professionals in nursing homes for at least 20 minutes per a resident per a day from October 2022. We don’t want this to come out of already mandated nursing hours, as residents need every minute of nursing. We want to make sure these physio and allied health minutes are clearly funded and enforced with checks and balances to make sure that nursing homes do provide the allied health minutes that are funded.

We want the 20 minutes per a day to be tailored to what the client, the nursing home and the allied health professional feel is needed and not limited to what we have now (ie massage only not exercise). If a client needs exercise and wants this, this could be part of their 20 minutes. The key thing is the older person (or their advocate) should get to choose in consultation with the physio and allied health provider providing the service. Physios and other allied health professionals can then provide exercise, reablement, falls prevention, pressure care, or whatever the client wants and needs in the time that is allocated. 

We want these 20 minute individualised allied health professional treatments from university qualified and registered Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists and Psychologists. We want the allied health professionals treatments to be individualised not group sessions, or sessions replacing allied health with lifestyle co-ordinators, music therapists and therapy assistants.

We want these physio and other allied health professional minutes to be mandated and monitored to ensure compliance. 

Who supports and funds this campaign? How are you governed?

The Death of Allied Health campaign is a grassroots campaign supported by, health professionals and concerned public. Anyone concerned about older people getting physio and allied health after October 2022 can lend their voice to this campaign.

Legals and finance/governannce. Death of Allied health campaign is operated by Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy Pty Ltd (30524548826) trading as Death of Aged Care. BRP's sole director, CEO and physiotherapist, Alwyn Blayse, has initiated the campaign and has contributed start-up funds and resources to run the campaign entirely without public donation at present. Alwyn as sole director is responsible for all content and communication through this website and social media, press releases, letters to government and other figures, media interviews etc. under the name of Death of Allied Health (also Death of Aged Care). We are working together with a number of concerned members of the public, organisations and individuals who share their stories, are not necessarily agreeing with everything we post and share. They are simply saying in their words what they are concerned about. They are not responsible for any content that Death of Allied Health campaign provides.

Can you make tax-deductible donations?

Thank you for considering assisting in this way We are not accepting donations at present as we have decided our campaign is fully funded at this stage by Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy Pty Ltd.  We may change this policy down the track to get more reach from our campaign. If we do this, at this point your contributions would be very appreciated, but we are not registered as a charity and your contributions would not not tax-deductible although we would provide a receipt on request. You can subscribe and we will let you know if our policy on donations changes.

How do I know contributions to the campaign if/when you accept them will be spent on the campaign?

Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy Pty Ltd's long term accountant Michelle Wilson at Snelleman Tom has advised us on setup of this campaign. Following her advice we will if we do accept donations

•    Open a separate bank account called Death of Allied Health separate from Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy
•    Clearly labelled any expenses and income in this account as related to DOAH campaign.
•    Required that our CEO, Alwyn Blayse, state clearly and publicly that funds that come in to the DOAH campaign will only be used for the DOAC campaign, and will not in any way be used by the Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy Pty Ltd business
•    Donated the cost of our staff’s time and resources to get this campaign going and documented how much this is.
•    Agreed to donate any funds left over if/when the campaign ends to an aged care charity, the details of which we will publicly share.

If you have any questions on our governance or further proof required for you to make a contribution please email

Our Supporters - Individuals and organisations other than our founder below are supporting the need for more physio and allied health for older people- views are their own and does not make them responsible for any content on our Death of Allied Health campaign which is the sole responsibility of Alwyn Blayse